DMAG-March 72007

I. Copyright Issues

  • Action: McDaniel and Rubens will investigate where to place links to the ARL Copyright page on the Library's Services to Faculty and Graduate Students and Interlibrary Services pages.

II. Building Hours Responsibilities List

  • Action: Dupuis will confirm that the list is accurate with the Graphics Office.

III. Dreamweaver 8

  • Action: Unit Heads should begin the process of ordering the latest version of this software for all DM Web Page updaters.

IV. BAIRS Access

  • Action: Unit Heads will contact Elise Woods if access to BAIRS by org code for their units of responsibility is not available; Unit Heads should check their respective budgets for unexplained items; Future discussion will focus on the best way to organize how the budget is aligned so that it is most useful for managers.

V. Food & Drink Policy

  • Action: Dupuis will appoint a group to address the enforcement of the DM Food & Drink policy during finals. Barclay Ogden will be invited to a future DMSelect or ADMIRE meeting to discuss issues surrounding collection protection.

VI. DMAG Retreat

  • Action: The DMAG Retreat has been scheduled for March 26th, 12-5PM. Some issues for discussion will be 1) Organization, Staffing, and Department composition and 2) DM themes: top priorities and charges to action groups. Unit Heads should forward to Dupuis their ideas about specific topics for discussion in these areas prior to the retreat.