DMAG-March 42009

DMAG March 4, 2009 Action Items

1. Student request to study Moffitt Library for an organizational behavior course.

     Imani will respond to Beth.

2. Core Collection Services' planned changes and impacts on DM

     DMAG has provided input on the proposal through membership on various Library groups (DMAG, PSC, etc.) and will discuss and comment on the next document or proposal to come forward.

3. Medium-rare facility: update and future action.

     DMAG agreed a) Beth should place this on a future agenda; b) DMAG will bring well-formulated questions to that discussion; and c) if the proposal is going forward, Mark noted locations and loan rules must be created, preferably prior to May 15 so Millennium can handle requests when implemented.

4. Review shelf status

     Allan and Myrtis will communicate with Beth about the next steps. 

5. Telephone policies/issues

     DMAG will compile proposals and offer strategies for reducing expenditures (i.e. reducing lines by sharing, implementing SKYPE as possible, etc.)

C. Rubens