DMAG-March 252009

DMAG Action Items, March 25, 2009

1) Foster's Job Responsibilities as of 5/1

Action: Dupuis and Marrow will consult to develop a draft job description for DMAG review in the coming weeks.

2) Medium-rare Facility

Action: Dupuis will consult with Eckman in consideration of input from DMAG and other factors.

3) Millennium-related Issues and Updates

Action: Marrow will consult the Unit Heads with Doe/Moffitt LOC Codes regarding loan periods for Item Types. He will visit the units over the course of next week.

4) Review Shelves

Action: Cochran and Urbanic will inquire as to the status of Review Shelves during their Doe/Moffitt and Technical Services Meeting on Monday, and report their findings to DMAG.

Next meeting is April 1, 2009, 2pm-4pm, 251 Doe Annex.

-- I. Abalos