DMAG-March 212007

DMAG March 21 Action Items

1) Doe Annex Construction

Action: Fred Yasaki informed DMAG that a temporary barricade will be erected during spring break on the first and second floors of Doe for the beginning of Phase I construction. Construction will start immediately after finals (approximate date of construction - May 21 through August 5).

The areas affected are the corridors in front of Interlibrary Borrowing (1st floor) and near the East Reading Room (2nd floor). Access to Gardner Stacks will be from the North entrance. DMCS will need to schedule South entrance book drop pickups while construction is in progress. It was suggested that returned materials be picked up three times a day (AM, Noon, and PM hours). No access to Interlibrary Borrowing from the south corridor. Possibility of using 105 Doe as a public service point for ILL. Charlotte will discuss with her staff and report back to Beth early next week (March 26-28). Charlotte, Library Systems, and Space Planning will meet to plan the move. Fred to contact Charlotte.

Allan will brief SSEALS staff about the 1st floor summer corridor closure and discuss with them services models during this construction phase.

To be placed on future DMAG agenda - plans for signage during construction.

2) Staff Evaluations

Action: Beth will contact Juana Loza regarding when staff evaluations are due. Performance evaluation forms and supervisor tips for conducting effective performance appraisals are available on LHRD's web page. Supervisors can contact LHRD to see previous evaluations. Supervisors should meet with staff concerning the initial stage of the evaluation process.

3) 190 Doe Update

Action: Botero exhibit ends Friday, March 23rd. Monday, March 26th 190 Doe will be closed to remove paintings. March 26th - March 30th Library Systems will set up computers. NorCal will move tables into the room. The electrician will restore electricity to room for the tables. 190 Doe will reopen to library users early April.

4) New Employee Checklists

Action: Beth will post latest revision to wiki. To be added for librarians - contact LUAC B secretary to add newly hired librarians. Future updates to be added by the person who brings the revision to DMAG for review.

5) North Reading Room Environment Issue

Action: Conversation around this issue should be brought to ADMIRE (Imani/Sarah). Customer-service issues to be part of the four themes for Doe/Moffitt.

6) Default Replacement Fee

Action: Science Council recommended increasing the default replacement fee from $100 to $150. Myrtis and Allan will send email message to DMSelect for comments. Myrtis, Allan and Imani may discuss in departmental meetings with staff for input. Imani, Charlotte and Mark will take forwarded comments to Public Services Council (PSC).

7) Web Advisory Group (WAG)

Action: Adding WorldCat and Google Scholar links to the library's home page. Imani will take DMAG's comments/concerns to WAG and PSC. Please send comments to Imani.

8) DMAG Retreat - Monday, March 26 from Noon to 5pm

Action: No DMAG meeting Wednesday, March 28th