DMAG-March 142007

1) Suggested Home Page Links

Action item: DMAG will give feedback to Abalos on the issue of adding World Cat and Google Scholar links to the Library Home page by the end of next week (recent WAG topic that is moving forward to PSC and the Subject Councils).

2) Departmental Parking Permit

Action item: Abalos will frame a future ADMIRE discussion regarding the Departmental Parking Permit purchased annually for use by staff who are working an evening reference shift taking into consideration the low staff use, high cost ($1440.00), limited budget, and night safety.

3) Floor Plan Production

Action item: McDaniel will affirm with A. Kanbergs and A. Hamilton, DMAG's previous decisions regarding production of D/M floor plan guides: guides will be updated at the beginning of each semester; guides will be reproduced in black and white (color expense is prohibitive); prior to each printing, A. Kanbergs, in her role as Library Guides Coordinator, will gather revision suggestions, vet ideas with key contacts and ADMIRE, and forward recommendations to DMAG for final approval.

4) Gardner Stacks Access Documentation

Action item: Abalos will finalize the updated Gardner Stacks access policy statements, staff procedures, and sign. Abalos will update the 'Stacks Access' binder, retaining the 11/22/05 memo that outlines circumstances permitting staff discretion. Action item: McDaniel will see that the supply of out-of-date Moffitt bookmarks is recycled for scrap paper.

5) Moffitt Library Bulletin Boards

Action item: McDaniel will confirm with Holman his responsibility for upkeep of the 3rd floor bulletin board, and work with interested IS staff to propose displays that promote Library services and materials of interest to undergraduates. McDaniel will also confirm with IS staff there are no plans to change the purpose or status of the 4th and 5th floor bulletin boards. McDaniel and Marrow will discuss among themselves if any additional action is required with regard to those bulletin boards.

6) Dreamweaver 8.0

Action item: Department heads are to place Dreamweaver 8.0 orders for their updaters who need it ($95 each +$35 for the CD-ROM if desired).

7) New Staff Orientation

Action item: DMAG will send comments about the Romance Languages Librarian's training and orientation plan to Urbanic.

Action item: DMAG will send examples of recent orientation plans for librarians and staff to the DMAG list. (for example, Tse, Kim's LA III)

8)DMAG Retreat

Action item: Dupuis will prepare handouts for the DMAG retreat on the two topics: Discussion of organization, staffing, and departments; and DM themes, top priorities, and charges. DMAG to send Dupuis additional ideas, links to prior documents that might be of use, and suggestions on what other materials it would be useful to have on hand.

Imani Abalos,3/15/07