DMAG-June 62007

DMAG Action Items: June 6, 2007

1. Laptops for Departmental Use

Action: Dupuis will approach Bernie and Mike with a recommendation that Library Systems acquire 1-2 light-weight laptops available for staff to reserve and check out for business purposes, in addition to the models currently on hand. Identified options include : Standard Laptop - 15" screen, running Windows XP, wireless, CD/DVD drives, weight 4.5 lbs and Lightweight Laptop - 12" display, running Windows XP, wireless, weight 2.7 lbs.

2. Moffitt Microcomputer Facility

Action: McDaniel will follow up on MMF's proposal, including an idea related to laptops, and report to DMAG.

3. NRLF Friday Book Pick Up

Action: Marrow will follow up with Rancer about the NRLF Friday book pick up service that was recently transferred (with funding) from Circulation Services to Facilities to determine methods of maintaining consistency to meet public service goals. Included in the conversation will be a discussion of alternatives, such as routing books via the NRLF shuttle service.

4. Retirements Checklist

Action: Dorner, as department head, will write an article for CU News announcing changes within Instructional Services due to June retirements. Dorner/McDaniel will clarify, as appropriate, personal tributes may be submitted to CU News by anyone.

5. Building Evacuation Issues

Action: Marrow will follow up with the Library Safety Committee on methods to minimize chaos and improve the building evacuation and reporting process. For example, Marrow will request 'evacuation' tours for all interested staff be conducted; and an Early Bird be scheduled to cover all building emergency plan issues, including emergency supplies, how and where units are to assemble, and so forth. The assembly area issue is notable since the Doe Annex construction work has significantly reduced the footprint of the southside assembly area. As the May 21 evacuation demonstrated, the congestion in the area creates a dangerous environment for staff.

Action: Rubens will assume Doe 'roll-taking' duties from Marrow, including notifying Circulation Services in the event of a Doe building evacuation since the PA system for Doe does not extend to Marrow's location in Gardner, Level A. The transition will occur when Rubens completes training sometime in July.

6. Gardner Stacks Survey

Action: Marrow will update DMAG on the Gardner Stacks Survey, (2007) (1,020 respondents) at an upcoming meeting.

7. Reference Services and Staffing/June 19 ADMIRE agenda

Action: Abalos to send the Reference Desk Staff Summer/Fall 2007 5/17/07 roster to Dorner along with brief general principles on how the roster is maintained.

Action: Abalos to send Dorner the current proposal for reference desk statistics link (

Action: Rubens to compile DM Public Service Statistics Task Force (2007) report by June 12 to submit to DMAG for the June 13 DMAG agenda, and for distributing to ADMIRE by June 19.

Action Abalos to draft ADMIRE (June 19) discussion points for DMAG's review by June 13.

8. Miscellaneous

Action: Department heads to inform staff to check the CalMail spam folder periodically as the filter is much stronger than the Library mail server's, perhaps catching legitimate email.

Action: Abalos to reference the Parking & Transportation web page in a planned announcement to dmrefdsk regarding staff parking options.

6/8/2007 abalos