DMAG-June 272007

Action: Dupuis will update the DMAG Emergency Phone Tree and distribute to DMAG members.

Action: Dorner and Dupuis will work on design and development plans for 180 Doe.

Action: Dupuis will confer with Chuck Eckman about the report concerning the Starr Library journal collection.

Action: Department Heads will inform Dupuis at the July 11th DMAG meeting if Mike Rancer has not scheduled Emergency Procedures Update meetings with their departments.

Action: Dupuis will review all past DMAG action items to assure that they have been acted upon or will be by the end of July.

Action: McDaniel will determine a date for the DMAG discussion of the Moffitt Library revitalization project

Action: Dupuis will discuss with Chuck Eckman the three collections subject areas identified as needing permanent assignments (Linguistics, Canadian Studies, and Medieval Studies).