DMAG-June 242009

DMAG June 24 Action Items:

1) Non-circulating items in the Gardner Stacks

Action: Marrow will provide a list of Library Use Only titles to Urbanic and Cochran.

Action: Urbanic and Cochran will develop principles for D/M selectors to review the list of Main Stack Library Use Only titles and determine if a title should circulate or be assigned Library Use Only status.

Action: DMAG will review the draft principles prior to sharing them with DMSelect.

2) Library Cost Study Survey in Doe

Action: The Library is participating in a cost-study; a survey will be conducted in July and August with the assistance of student employees. Dupuis will ask Elise to send out an email call to recruit interested student employees.

Action: Dupuis and Abalos will send an email to D/M staff about the cost-study survey.

3) Comments about Millennium Transition

Action: Department Heads are to encourage staff to send Millennium problems to the OskiCat Help Desk and to share issues with broad implications as potential DMAG topics. Millennium problems and questions about loan rules should go to Mark Marrow.

Action: Abalos, Marrow, and Urbanic will meet with Charis Takaro to make decisions about CPER processing in OskiCat.

Action: Dupuis will give Charis Takaro a list of D/M staff to form a group to handle Millennium Circulation and related issues.

4) Steam Tunnel Construction Impacts

Action: Dupuis will follow up with Rubens.

5) Welcome Week Plans

Action: Dorner will work with Zariah to plan the Information Desk for Welcome Week. The desk will be set up in Doe, north side, and operational August 24-26.

6) Homecoming Plans

Action: Dupuis will confirm D/M Homecoming activities with Isabel Stirling and ask her to send Marrow an email of the official badge that will allow visitors to enter the Main Stacks. Self-guided tours of Doe will be offered and coordinated by Steve Mendoza.

7) Annual Reports

Action: D/M unit heads will review documentation on the D/M Web to prepare for writing and submitting annual reports due August/September 2009.

M. Cochran