DMAG-June 202007

DMAG Actions 6/20

1. Dupuis will email Payne about the disconnect that occurred when Dreamweaver 8 was ordered, but no tickets were created for installation.

2. Munro will follow up with page updaters who are noted as Dreamweaver 8 pending on her list of owner/updaters to assure that the software upgrade is complete and that they are aware of the CAL PACT web design training series. Supervisors may also want to follow up with staff about CAL PACT.

3. Dupuis will review Supervisor's checklist: Planning for a new staff member to asssure that Munro is contacted when a new DM employee is assigned to web work.

4. Abalos will contact J. Garey to become owner of the admire email list.

5. Dorner will check the availability of 303 Doe and/or 150D Moffitt to see if a meeting room is available for the proposed ADMIRE meeting time of 1:30-3 on the first Tuesday of each month. If a meeting room is available, Dorner will schedule and send out an email to admire with a list of upcoming dates and times.

6. Dupuis will add Scott (Graphics) to the DMAG emergency list.

7. Dorner will draft standards for how and where web pages for course-related instruction pages are posted, and how they will be reviewed for currency. The proposal will be vetted in DMAG, ADMIRE, and DMSelect. Dorner will also initiate a conversation about good practices for creating these pages.

8. Dupuis and Abalos will draft a charge for a group to investigate wider implementation of chat reference in Doe/Moffitt.

9. Abalos will draft a summary of the ADMIRE discussion about service quality and excellence, considering connections to related projects and services and proposing next steps.

10. Abalos will work with a small group of staff to draft guidelines for the reference blog.

11. DMAG approved the new reference form proposed by the Doe/Moffitt Statistics Task Force for use at the reference desk starting July 1, 2007. Abalos will follow up with Mendoza to implement the form.

Sarah McDaniel