DMAG-June 132007

DMAG June 13 Action Items

1) Announcements/Notes

Action: Year-long hours templates are to be turned in to Mark before the June 20 DMAG. Service excellence themes - draft charges will be discussed at the June 27 meeting along with year-long hours review.

2) Problem patrons and banning from the Stacks

Action: Beth will send a message to Mike Rancer about the issues raised during the meeting and invite him to discuss the issue with DMAG or with the Library Security and Safety Committee.

3) Cal Homecoming

Action: Homecoming weekend will be October 12-14. Cal Day styled posters will be the template for the Homecoming posters. Imani will confirm that Steve Mendoza will come to the July 11 meeting to discuss this event and related posters for Doe/Moffitt.

4) Welcome Week

Action: Doe/Moffitt will continue with Information Desks at the North and South entrances to Doe. A volunteer to coordinate Welcome Week's Information Desks is needed. Imani will speak with Myrtis about a volunteer. Jennifer will confirm that Aija Kanberg, taking over the responsibilites from Jo D Wright, will coordinate Welcome Week activities for DM. For fall 2008 Welcome Week, DMAG will revisit continuing Information Desk services at the North and South entrances.

5) Doe Emergency Assembly Area

Action: An Early Bird on emergency evacuation is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, July 19. Beth will confirm with Mike Rancer. Mike will distribute to staff an updated version of the emergency assembly location map. Beth will send a list of topics to Mike to be included in the Early Bird presentation. Imani will make a set of the Doe Building Emergency Plan for Jennifer.

6) Telecommuting requests

Action: Beth will write up general principle to help managers in making decisions about telecommuting.

7) ADMIRE draft agenda

Action: Next ADMIRE meeting will be Tuesday, June 19 in 150D Moffitt from 2-3:30pm. Jennifer will send a message in advance of the meeting who the new program coordinators are. Imani will send out DMAG's decision regarding parking permits for DMRS. Beth will discuss public service excellence theme and top priorities at ADMIRE.

8) E-Learning Librarian position

Action: Jennifer will send job description to DMAG, DMIS and ADMIRE for feedback.

9) Minimal cataloging for items sent direct to NRLF upon receipt

Action: L. Leighton and G. Moon met with the International Areas Studies department and other interested selectors. The recommendation to begin cataloging with the subject keywords from LCSH rather than full strings was acceptable to the majority of attendees. This approach will be piloted for two years and then assessed. Beth will confirm with Admin that this approach was acceptable to DM Selectors and DMAG.

10) Security/Information Desks in Doe/Moffitt

Action: Beth will plan a meeting to discuss security desk issues before the full discussion of the charge for security/information. DMAG members expressing interest are Beth, Imani, Jennifer and Mark.

11) Public Service Desks Statistics Task Force

Action: Charlotte will report to DMAG when report is completed.

12) Next DMAG meeting June 20 in 220 Evans from 2 to 4pm - Topics for the agenda:

180 Doe, September ADMIRE meeting, Switching DMAG meeting one Wednesday per month until end of year (Beth will review schedule to see if Thursdays are available), and Karen Munro and Lisa Weber to give an update on how Stellent is working and next steps for communication and training for DM web page owners and updaters.