DMAG-July 92008

DMAG, July 9, 2008

1. Lost and Found Implementation Plan: DMAG reviewed and agreed on suggested changes to last draft of two documents relating to the new Lost & Found procedures.
a) Dupuis will finalize implementation plan and procedures documents, finalize the implementation group charge, and send it out to the identified group participants.
b) Marrow will continue to work with Grigsby-Standfill on the prototype of the Lost and Found database.
c) Dupuis will prepare an announcement for DM Staff about the new procedures.

2. Update to Filming in the Library policy: Dupuis shared latest version of the revised policy and some concerns that had been raised.
a) Dupuis will alert staff to existence of updated policy.

3. Discussion about Technical Services
a) Before July 23rd DMAG members collect and note examples of issues and problems that have arisen.
b) Before Sept 3rd Dupuis will invite key Tech Services staff to a future DMAG meeting slot to discuss workload issues.

Submitted by J. Dorner