DMAG-July 282010

Doe/Moffitt Advisory Group Meeting July 28, 2010

Actions Items:

1) M. Marrow will tell P. Lynch to send J. Dorner the final list of economics books transferred from the Business Library to the Gardner Stacks, to better inform the Moffitt Collection review.

2) E. Dupuis will respond to I. Stirling's proposed increase of the privileges blocking cap.

3) M. Cochran will update J. Carter about the decision to discard the remaining review cards for NRLF-eligible items. A. Urbanic will send the cards which require cataloging corrections through the Records Maintenance Form when it becomes available. M. Marrow and Circulation Services should deal with this issue as they plan an inventory process.

4) When Moffitt reopens after the renovation, self-service copiers and scanners will replace a staffed service desk. There may also be other services offered through online forms, with places designated for picking up materials (e.g. request printing of e-books or specialized large format printing).

5) DMAG members must send changes to the DM Update to E. Dupuis by the end of the week.

submitted by C. Rubens