DMAG-July 252007

DMAG Action Items July 25, 2007

1) Update: 2007-2008 GA budgets

Action: Dupuis will send out DM GA budget allocations next week.

2) Moffitt Library Revitalization general vision and plans

Action: S. McDaniel will bring to the next DMAG meeting drafts of a vision document and fact sheet.

Action: Department heads to send McDaniel ideas, pictures, anecdotes, etc., that will help tell the story of Moffitt.

3) Emergency scenario training for public services staff

Action: Marrow and Rubens will investigate emergency training for public service staff. Mark will collect DMAG concerns on this issue and share them with the Security Committee.

4) Review of All Reference Forum and plans for DM (continuous improvement, QuestionPoint, DM chat)

Action: As part of the plan to start a DM chat service, Dorner will draft a chat proposal to bring to the next DMAG meeting.

Action: Abalos will draft a proposal to bring to the next DMAG meeting for launching a process for addressing the service excellence theme for reference.

Action: Dupuis will contact Isabel Stirling to find out who from Doe/Moffitt has expressed interest in contributing to the UC-wide Question Point service; Dupuis will share the list of names with department heads to confirm if that arrangement will work.

5) Doe/Moffitt Closure on Friday after Thanksgiving

Action: Dupuis and Marrow will update the Doe/Moffitt Hours Template to reflect the decision for Doe, Moffitt, and Gardner Stacks to be closed all day on the day after Thanksgiving which is an academic and administrative holiday.

6) Doe/Moffitt Department Annual Reports

Action: Dupuis will send department heads any questions she has about the posted reports; department heads can decide whether or not they want to revise the annual report to address those areas.

7) All Doe/Moffitt Staff Update Action: Dupuis will reserve Morrison Library for Friday August 10 from 9-10:30a and make other arrangements for the fall all staff meeting.