DMAG-July 232008

DMAG July 23, 2008

1. Energy Curtailment Days
Action: Beth Dupuis will inform Tom Leonard and Isabel Stirling of DM closure dates (Dec 24 - Janurary 2).

2. Technical Services Discussion
Action: Beth will synthesize the issues from the group discussion. Beth will speak with Lee Leighton and Chuck Eckman about possible meeting dates in August or September to discuss issues with DMAG.

3. DM Library Hours for 2008-2009
Action: Mark Marrow and Beth will devise spreadsheet of DM hours for 2008-2009 and bring to DMAG for review.

4. Doe Library Floor Plan
Action: Imani Abalos will work with Aisha Hamilton on the new floor plans.

5. Business Resumption Planning
Action: Charlotte Rubens will send to Elise Woods the UC Circulation Advisory Group (CAG) emergency planning proposal. Beth will update Elise on DMAG's initial comments and questions.

6. Doe 225
Action: Imani will handle telephone issue, including ordering a long cord. Beth will reschedule remaining DMAG meetings to 225 Doe.

7. DMRC - International and Area Studies
Action: Beth will announce the committee who will be leading the search for a Head of International and Area Studies position.