DMAG-July 142010

Doe Moffitt Advisory Group Meeting - July 14, 2010

1. GA allocations
Action: DMAG to contact Beth Dupuis if changed to the draft GA allocations are needed. Beth will send final allocation by Friday, July 16.

2. Reference service and commitments
Action: Jennifer Dorner will summarize reference service commitment decisions for DMAG. Unit heads will communicate to their staff hours commitments.
Action: DMAG agreed to try 2 week advance reference desk scheduling. Myrtis Cochran and Jennifer will meet with Glenn Gillespie and Nicole Waugh to work out scheduling logistics.

3. Moffitt Floor 3 and copy center future plans
Action: Beth and Mark Marrow will work with Elise Woods on copy center plans. Beth will schedule meeting.

4. Gardner Stacks library use only review
Action: Myrtis to speak with Gov Docs staff regarding library use only government documents
Action: Mark will generate new lists of item records with Gladis circcode "L" (library use only). Mark will speak with Jan Carter regarding order record issues.

5. Monographic serials review/Serials Loan Changes
Action: Mark will generate next set of lists.
Action: Allan will contact Jim Church regarding process for serial loan period changes.

6. Millennium road show follow up
Action: Beth will foward to DMAG email message from Charis Takaro and place topic on future agenda.

7. Welcome week
Action: Allan Urbanic will confirm with Steve Mendoza about coordinating tours. Steve should work with Mary Scott on signage.
Action: Jennifer will coordinating putting out a call for information desk volunteers.

MA Marrow