DMAG-January 132010

Doe Moffitt Advisory Group Meeting - January 13, 2010

1. DM Reference Desk Hours
Action: Imani Abalos willl announce the new Reference Desk hours (sending to DMstaff and Refstaff lists).

2. Reference Cards and Stack Passes
Action: Imani and Mark Marrow will develop parameters for issuing passes and reference cards. They will create separate access cards to be used for by subject specialty libraries and Gardner (Main) Stacks. Sheehan Grant will be consulted.

3. Records Maintenance Working Group
Action: Jennifer Dorner will serve as a member of the group.

4. Mosio pilot project
Action: Pilot project ended. Imani will remove all links from the library's web pages.

5. Library Hours Database
Action: Mark will alert all hours updaters how to print the door signs.

6. DM Update
Action: DMAG to send additional update items by Friday, January 15 to Beth Dupuis.