DMAG-February 72007

DMAG-February 72007

DMAG February 7 Action Items:

1) Building Emergency Plan (BEP)

Action: Abalos will contact M. Labon for an official D/M BEP distribution list.

Action: Abalos will share the list with DMAG before copies are made.

Action: DMAG members will distribute copies of the BEP to staff in their units.

Action: Marrow will take the Library Illness and Prevention Program section of the BEP to the Safety and Security Committee to find out about updates.

2) Child Pornography Policy (CPP)

Action: Abalos will discuss with Public Services Council (PSC) where the CPP should reside as a public service document.

3) D/M Maps and Floor Plans

Action: McDaniel will ask A. Kanbergs to keep a formal list of requested changes for the maps and floor plans.

Action: McDaniel will ask A. Kanbergs will share all requests with DMAG before making any changes.

Action: McDaniel will ask A. Kanbergs will send out a call prior to each semester to solicit any proposed changes to maps/floor plans.

Action: McDaniel will ask A. Kanbergs will send DMAG and relevant staff an email detailing new process for ordering floor plans.

ACTION: McDaniel will institute, within DMIS,a new form to track numbers of maps and floor plans ordered by each unit and schedule of print runs ordered.

Action: McDaniel will talk to M. Labon and G. Bland about the possibility of changing the approach to ordering maps and floor plans.

4) Gardner Stacks Survey Task Force Charge

Action: Marrow will revise the draft Gardner Stacks Survey Task Force charge to allow for the possibility of an online survey and send the revised draft to Dupuis.

Action: Dupuis will send out a call for volunteers to serve on the Gardner Stacks Survey Task Force.

5) Food and Drink Policy

Action: Dupuis will draft an updated Doe/Moffitt Food and Drink Policy that reflects current intentions and send it to DMAG for comment.

Action: Dupuis will draft a charge for a group to recommend approaches to improve education and enforcement in Doe/Moffitt.

Action: Dupuis and Marrow will share the draft charge with G. Bland, Security, and B. Ogden, Preservation for their input.

Action: Marrow will bring comments from these groups to DMAG to agree upon a final charge and next steps.