DMAG-February 32010

Action Items February 3, 2010

1) Confirming process for Periodical Loan Period Exceptions/Changes:

Action: a) Allan will draft a charge for a task force that would review the loan period rules for monographic series. That group would include selectors, a circulation staff member, and a reference staff member. Options for the task force to discuss would include, but not be limited to: changing the loan period to one month, or changing the loan period to match other monographs. b) Beth will draft a process for how requests for exceptions to current loan periods will be accepted and decided upon. For example, if a selector receives a request to extend the loan of a particular annual title from 1 week to 1 month. The process will include consultation with DM Select, a recommendation to Beth for final decision, and steps for follow through with Circulation and the faculty requesting the change.

2) NRLF Allocation and Status Update

Action: There is a problem with the NRLF being able to process certain incoming materials in a timely manner, which is having a detrimental effect on UCB's ability to meet its allocation target. Beth will arrange a meeting with those who need to be involved in figuring out what needs to be done for NRLF to be able to process 308t's and J60's faster, so the allocation can be met through faster processing.

3) UCB ILL User Satisfaction Survey/Results

Action: Charlotte reported on the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) User Satisfaction Survey which was undertaken by five of the UC's (including UCB) from October 26-November 8, 2009. As proposals for service improvement surface, she will bring suggestions to the group as needed.

4) Moffitt Ideas for Schematic Design Input/Summary from the Info Services Forum

Action: As a result of the recently held Moffitt Information Services Forum, Beth and Kathleen will consider input which was received and develop a revised plan.