DMAG-February 282007

DMAG February 28, 2007

1) BAIRS Training by E. Woods

- DMAG members will review their accounts and identify any changes needed to access accounts or any unanticipated charges.

2) DM Themes Check-In

- Dupuis will follow up with staff whose comments or suggestions require more clarity, and modify the draft.

- DMAG members will begin to identify their priorities and suggestions as to future action in preparation for future conversation at a DMAG retreat.

- Dupuis will send information to staff late next week regarding our intention to hold a DMAG retreat later in March devoted to organizing action around the themes based on staff input received.

- Dupuis will arrange a place for the DMAG retreat.

3) Cal Day

- Dupuis will contact I. Stirling to call for ideas and assistance.

C. Rubens 3/7/07