DMAG-February 272008

DMAG February 27 Action Items

1) CalDay

Action: DMAG members to encourage their staff to let Steve Mendoza know soon if they are interested in participating in tours or tabling that day.

2) Exam Proctoring

Action: Imani will write a statement based on DMAG's discussion and send it to dmrefdsk and place in the reference manual online

3) Charges for new task forces from past action items

Action: Urbanic will send out the charge and call for volunteers for the Gardner Stacks Materials Replacement Working Group.

Action: Dupuis will revise the Doe/Moffitt Billling Notification Pilot description based on feedback from DMAG.

4) DMAG Retreat about Moffitt Think Tanks

Action: DMAG members should save Monday March 17 for the all day retreat.

5) Future Meeting Agenda Planning

Action: DMAG members will look over list of topics on hold for the items that relate to them and propose dates when these can be addressed.

6) Collections Integrity TF report "Keep" recommendation

Action: Cochran will compile list of responses from DM Select about criteria used to select material for the proposed "Keep" and will send to DMAG on Monday, March 3.

J. Dorner