DMAG-February 252009

DMAG Action Items February 25, 2009

1. Departmental GA Budget Discussions
Action: Department heads should discuss what impact variable cuts or across-the-board cuts in GA budgets would have on their departments. Preferably, these discussions should take place prior to March 12.

2. Moffitt Surge Leader and project planning
Action: Dupuis will be sending out an allusers@ message announcing Moffitt Surge Leader and timeline for project.

3. Security incidents at Doe Reference
Action: Abalos will send to DMAG the proposal she drafted related to security.
Action: Dupuis and Marrow will meet with Woods, Labon, and Bland to discuss implementation of security policy and response to security issues.

4. Gardner Stacks Access for Cal-sponsored groups
Action: DMAG will draft a clear procedure describing who approves requests for Stacks access, including what times of day/year we allow tours of stacks, what types of groups are approved, what groups are referred to other tour options, in order to prevent willy-nilly access to the Stacks. DMAG will determine who has old tour badges and will draft a list of people to notify when a tour is approved.
Action: Grant will work on a mock-up of a tour badge that will be distributed to tour leaders who have gone through training with Mendoza and also approved staff members.
Action: Marrow will work with Hamilton to revise sign by security desks to include picture of tour badge.

5. Moffitt Library page in Facebook
Action: Dorner and Dupuis will discuss publicizing this page.

Next meeting is March 4. March 11 DMAG meeting is cancelled.

Submitted by J. Dorner