DMAG-February 212007

I. Building Emergency Plan (BEP)

  • Action: Abalos will finalize the list of units and locations for BEP distribution and include a statement about policy requirements related to the BEP.
  • Action: Place the new version of the BEP in a binder and recycle the old one, retaining the "Illness Prevention" section that is still being revised. Add the page with the policy requirements that Abalos distributes.

II. Cal Day

  • Action: Find out what's happening for Cal Day in your unit to gather the information centrally in DMAG 2/28.

III. Collections Integrity Task Force Draft Charge

  • Action: Send comments to Dupuis by Monday 2/26, consulting with others in your unit as needed.

IV. Hardware and Software requests

  • Action: Dupuis will contact P.Payne about Dreamweaver and Adobe licensing issues and costs.
  • Action: McDaniel will ask K.Munro to ask page updaters if they need Dreamweaver 8; all updaters who want Dreamweaver 8 should receive the software.
  • Action: McDaniel will ask K.Munro if others who need Captivate are eligible to borrow E-Learning laptop that has the software.

V. DM Themes Check-In

  • Action: Complete preliminary review of assigned themes by 2/26 and send to DMAG list.
  • Action: Dupuis will come up with questions to ponder as we look through the themes overall and to focus discussion at DMAG on 2/28.

S. McDaniel 2/27/07