DMAG-February 202008

DMAG February 20 Action Items

1) Job descriptions for Research and Collections department heads

Action: Beth will revise descriptions and send to DMAG for comments

2) C. Systematic Review of Missing Withdrawn Materials from Collections Integrity Task Force report

Action: At DMSelect Allan Urbanic will note that discussion of the CIFT report's recommendations has already begun in Collections Council and DMAG.

Action: DMSelect to address the first recommendation ("...formulate clear guidelines to selectors regarding best practices for replacement of Gardner Stacks materials...") at an upcoming meeting. A group of three selectors will be identified to review current practices with DM Circulation, and recommend best practices to DMSelect. Beth will draft a charge.

Action: Refer to the Collections Council the second recommendation ("...selectors be required to report formally each year to their supervisors on their activities in the question of replacements.")

Action: Beth will draft a charge for piloting the third recommendation ("...that Gardner Stacks adopt the current practice of the Subject Specialty Libraries in billing the true replacement cost..."). Mark Marrow and Beth will work together on the pilot for a Fall 2008 implementation date. DMAG will review the process.

Action: The fourth recommendation ("...the cost of acquisition (when known) of Gardner Stacks items be automatically added to the "detailed" Gladis record...") to be placed on hold until the completion of the pilot project for recommendation three and after the implementation of the new ILS.

Action: Beth will refer the fifth recommendation (" that the Library can continue to provide adequate financial support to the replacement effort.") to Chuck Eckman for leadership.

MA Marrow