DMAG-February 182009

DMAG February 18, 2009 Action Items

1. Gardner Stacks Access for Cal-sponsored groups
Action: Imani Abalos will speak with Steve Mendoza as to when he is available to present access/tour proposal.

2. CalNet IDs
Action: Beth Dupuis will look into inviting interested parties (i.e. CalNet and Cal1 Card) to Roundtable for discussion.

3. Cal Day plans for Doe/Moffitt
Action: Beth will get back to Isabel Stirling with DM plans: Morrison closed, except if there is a campus sponsored event (no library services available), Gardner Stacks will be open to all visitors.

4. Lost and Found
Action: Mark Marrow will send password parameters to DMAG. Unit heads to send to Mark list of staff needing logins and passwords.
Action: DMAG to send unit contact list for security pickup to Gary Bland.

5. NRLF special demands and impact on Doe/Moffitt
Action: Allan Urbanic will convene a meeting with Charis Takaro, Ginny Moon, Randy Brandt and possibly Beth regarding the St. Hyacinth project for creating low level records in Millennium.

6. New Books display
Action: Beth will amend new books proposal and send message to DM staff. Amended proposal will not highlight Moffitt books. Will have a new books display in Gardner for Main books.

7. GA budget discussion
Action: Beth will send out the revised draft GA allocations. DMAG to discuss in two weeks. Beth will also place on the next DMAG agenda Roundtable budget discussion items.

MA Marrow