DMAG-February 142007

DMAG-February 142007

DMAG February 14 Action Items:

1) Discussion with Paul Payne

Action: Myrtis and Charlotte will send to Beth their list of PCs not on XP. Beth will combine all lists and send to Paul.

Action: Beth will locate web page for library software standards and send to DMAG. Unit heads will follow up with their staff to ensure each person is prepared with the list of any special software/installations needed for their workstations to help make the upgrade to XP more efficient.

Action: Imani will send reminder to dmrefdsk@ and Paul about Doe/Moffitt's procedure for reporting PC-specific issues from the reference desk staff to Helpdesk.

Action: Paul will send to reflectors any system-wide problems related to IT issues as they are experienced.

Action: Paul recommends that all staff backup their files. Staff should check "J" drive to see if backup is working. Paul recommends staff save files to "O" drive.

Action: Paul will recommend which external hard drive departments should consider if they plan to purchase any.

2) DM departmental requests for software and hardware

Action: Sarah will speak with Karen Munro about what the real need is regarding Stellent and is it necessary to upgrade to Dreamweaver 8.

Action: DMAG department heads will consult with their staff regarding need for Adobe (how many workstations need the full application?)

Action: Sarah to ask Karen Munro to send list of web page owners and page updaters to DMAG

3) DM Four Themes

Action: Beth will resend the compilation of staff suggestions related to the four themes with staff initials removed.

Action: Each department head will review one of the four themes and categorize suggested areas into possible projects by next meeting: Service excellent and responsiveness - Imani and Myrtis; Teaching and learning - Sarah; Collection vision, management and access - Allan and Myrtis; Staff support and engagement - Mark and Imani

4) Building Emergency Plan (BEP)

Action: Charlotte, Mark and Sarah to send to Imani the number of copies of the BEP they will make and distribute and where each copy will be located. Imani will compile a master list for future distribution of the BEP.

Action: Myrtis and Allan to send a list of how many copies they want and locations to Imani. Imani will request copies from Copy Center and distribute as needed.

5) DM Suggestion Box/Improve@library

Action: Mark will review best possible location for the physical suggestion box located near the Circulation Desk in Doe.

Action: John Kupersmith will continue the FAQ page.

Action: Beth will request that the web page Improve the Libary form and FAQ list be taked down

Action: Beth will request that the Web Comments form be revised