DMAG-February 132008

DMAG February 13 Action Items:

1) Review of DMAG Action Items Still Pending

Action: Cochran and Urbanic will bring to a DMSelect the issue of bound newspapers and the approval process for deaccessioning after in-house filming.

Action: Rubens and Dorner will investigate where to place links on the web to the ARL Copyright page.

Action: Rubens will complete and submit the Public Service Statistics Task Force report.

Action: Dupuis will initiate a conversation with Lee Leighton about the number of Technical Services tasks that are now done in Doe/Moffitt units.

Action: Abalos and Dupuis will draft procedures for handling lost and found items.

Action: Dupuis will talk to Jesse Silva about his proposed amendment to the Gardner Stacks access policy.

Action: Dupuis will draft a charge for a small implementation group to investigate service to users in the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks.

Action: Abalos will follow up with M. Labon about changing office keypad codes (212, 218, 438 and Doe and Moffitt staff lounges).

Action: Dupuis will discuss staff concerns for Doe and Moffitt staff lounges with M. Labon and G. Bland.

2) D/M Technology Training Program Feedback

Action: Since the D/M Technology training program has attracted broader participation, i.e., staff and instructors from other campus libraries, Cochran will ask T. Dennis to edit the TTP wiki to reflect this reality.

Action: Dupuis will discuss online technology training for staff with the New Directions Committee.

3) DM Reorganization

Action: DMAG to review staff classifications and send corrections to Dupuis.

Action: Dupuis will email D/M staff the RC reorganization decision and start drafting job descriptions to share for staff input.

4) Updates and Announcements

Action: Dupuis will work with B. Hurley on guidelines for use of Survey Monkey.

Action: DMAG to let Dupuis know about any impacts noticed as a result of filming in Doe as we revisit the policy.

M. Cochran