DMAG-December 122007

DMAG December 12 Action Items

1. Services for users with disabilities

Action: Imani Abalos will reschedule with Holliday Cullimore for January.

2. Moffitt project

Action: Beth Dupuis will send an announcement to staff for a January 8 Early Bird.

3. Doe/Moffitt student supervisors meeting comments

Action: Beth will meet with Shannon Monroe and Gisele Herrmann in response to first meeting comments to review options.

4. Pilot laptop program

Action: DM in contact with IST to partner on a laptop loaner program. DMAG to bring forth thoughts, ideas and/or concerns to Beth.

5. DM Update list

Action: DMAG to create list of major projects undertaken by the units between August 1 and December 31. List due Tuesday, December 18. Beth will send out an example.

6. Wednesday, December 19

Action: Imani will coordinate final meeting of 2007

MA Marrow