DMAG-December 102008

DMAG Action Items December 10, 2008

1) Google Analytics

Action: Dorner will follow up with C. Booth regarding adding Google Analytics to D/M and Interlibrary Services web pages. (Circulation's top level pages are handled by Library Systems.)

2) Silent Study Zone in Gardner Stacks - Spring Launch

Action: Marrow will notify Abalos of the designated areas.

Action: Marrow and Dupuis will follow up with Hamilton on signage.

Action: Abalos will update the D/M study spaces page.

3) Doe/Moffitt Information /Security Desk Monitor - Student Employee Job Description, Draft

Action: Marrow and Dupuis will follow up on the status of the job descriptions, ensuring the job description used for hiring student employees includes the public service responsibilities, and will discuss with E. Woods, if not.