DMAG-August 312011


2:00 - 3:00p in 251 Doe Conference Room

In attendance: Dupuis, Cochran, Marrow, Dorner, Spohrer (recorder). Absent: Rubens

I. Doe Roof update:

Heyns RR closure: the paging processes for the Heyns RR are now set. Progress being made in roof concrete/stone work. Odors from chemical adhesives will become apparent starting around September 12.

II. RFR progress/experience:

First RFR list is complete; next list due in October. ACTION: Dorner will send next list and accompanying message to selectors. Selectors will have one month to make their selections and respond. ACTION: Dupuis will finalize process for Billed-not paid items and will work on backlog list of Billed-not paid items. ACTION: Dupuis will contact Darby-Williams about next steps for News/Micro RFR list issued in July.

III. Binding progress/experience:

The first month of data shows that MAIN's binding use is well below our allocation. DM Circulation Services will revisit the criteria for the "At Risk Program" which focuses on binding paperback items upon return after use.

Bind on Receipt: only one response so far. Deadline is September 30. ACTION: Cochran to send a reminder to DM selectors re deadline.

IV. Microform scanner/printer final test/comment period:

The final two systems under consideration are available for testing at ews/Micro this week. Elise is coordinating this review and will be calling for comments about staff's preferred system soon. Ideally we could have the new machines by early next year

V. Information/security desk transition to DM:

Underway. Doe North/South desks and Moffitt desk to be staffed by students reporting to DM Circulation Services.

VI. Universal Return implementation prep in DM:

We aim for Oct 1 to start the "quiet launch." ACTION: change web pages to remove language which says that items must be returned to their originating units (various persons). NOTE: MRC, MUSIC and MAPS materials need to be returned to those locations.