DMAG-August 242011

DMAG Meeting on August 24, 2011

Attendees: M. Cochran, J. Dorner, E. Dupuis, M. Marrow, C. Rubens (recorder)

Absent: J. Spohrer

I. Doe Roof Project Update

Beth noted she had just received notice that the Heyns Reading Room will need to be closed for about 5 weeks. A beginning date has not been set (note: it was set by the morning of 8/26 for Monday, 8/29). It was decided that Doe reference desk staff on desk duty will page materials as necessary during the room closure.

ACTION: Beth will find out where Rebecca and Lars (News/Micro) will want the materials paged and used to be put for reshelving.

Beth will investigate getting NorCal booktrucks for moving some of the boxed materials, so they will not be near the grit and plaster which may fall as a result of the ceiling/sprinkler work. Myrtis and Mark indicated they provide staffing to help move the materials.

Beth will ask that plastic barriers with appropriate signage be put in place to discourage patrons and staff from trying to enter the area. She will also investigate how grit and plaster which may damage the large painting, the furniture and the materials left on shelves will be mitigated (cover in plastic?).

Beth will send email to allusers with details, once they are known (note: this was done the morning of 8/26).

Beth will request that security patrol the area more often than usual.

II. DM Update

Beth noted a DM Update had not been issued in quite a while and has drafted one to be issued asap before the end of the week. DMAG members read and gave changes to Beth right after the meeting.

ACTION: Beth will issue the Update as soon as possible (note: she sent it to dmstaff@library later that afternoon).

III. Library a la Carte Transition Update

Dorner reported there has been a lot of progress, though not all pages have been updated.

ACTION: Dorner will coordinate with selectors the completion of their subject guides and supply Lisa Weber with the links to the new guides for the Libraries and Collections A-Z web page.

IV. MAIN Z Section Review and Principles

Beth has received the list of all items in the Z call number range in MAIN. This is the first list Systems was able to generate which shows what has already been deposited at an RLF. Jan Carter, Myrtis Cochran and Phoebe Janes have agreed to lead this project and have developed some initial principles for the review and decisions about keeping in MAIN, transferring to NRLF and withdrawal. A report about the principles and the progress will be shared at a DMSelect+ plus meeting this fall. The initial phase will be a review of items possible to transfer to NRLF; the second phase will review the items with copies already deposited at an RLF.

ACTION: Myrtis and Jim will organize a DMSelect+ meeting for September/October.

V. Scanner/Printing Implementation

DMAG members indicated there are a number of issues which need to be clarified, and adjustments to screens and signage are needed.

ACTION: DMAG members will raise these issues in the RoundTable discussion of the topic 8/25.