DMAG-August 222007

DMAG Action Items, August 22, 2007

1) Library Security Desks

  • Action: Marrow and Abalos to meet on August 29 to draft a supplement to the job card for Library Security desk staff that has a customer service focus. The focus will complement the security focus. Marrow and Abalos will also brainstorm and discuss strategies for orienting staff toward a service excellence and responsiveness outlook. Bland remains responsible for the security focus. Marrow to coordinate these efforts with Bland. Marrow and Abalos will keep DMAG updated.
  • Action: DMAG members to consider, and forward to Beth, what library tasks security staff might accomplish during their desk shifts while remaining approachable and receptive.
  • Action: Dupuis will discuss recent security concerns with Bland and Rancer to clarify recent agreements aimed at better coordination of reporting security incidents.
  • Action: Dupuis to discuss ILS public signage with Yasaki and Scott.

2) Gardner (MAIN) Stacks Survey Task Force Report

  • Action: DMAG members are to read the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks Survey Task Force Report and provide feedback by the August 30 meeting. In particular, comment on aspects of the report requiring additional analysis or clarification prior to the report being issued. Marrow would like feedback regarding the Gatecounts recommendation.

3) Research & Collections Reorganization

  • Action: Dupuis and Dorner to prepare and bring brainstorming aids to a future DMAG meeting for continuation of the RC reorganization discussion.