DMAG-August 12007

DMAG August 1 Action Items

1) Moffitt Library Revitalization

Action: Sarah McDaniel to place on list the idea of seeking examples of projects/spaces from peers

Action: Sarah will send out a revised version of "Moffitt Library of the Future" document for DMAG's comments. Deadline for comments from DMAG - Friday, August 3. The initial conversation about Moffitt Library and related development possibilities is scheduled for August 8.

2) Update: Priority about technology experimentation support

Action: Myrtis Cochran and Tim Dennis will meet soon to discuss plans for a fall technology training series of workshops open to Doe/Moffitt library staff. The first round of topics will focus on tools that the library and campus already make available, such as CalAgenda, CalMail, bSpace, and software for wikis and blogs.

3) Update: Priority about student employee training

Action: Gisele Herrmann and Shannon Monroe agreed to co-lead the group. The group will convene this fall.

Action: Beth Dupuis will set up a CalMail list of student employee supervisors to pass to Gisele and Shannon.

4) Update: Supply & Expense budget

Action: Circulation Services and Security will order campus maps from Aija Kanbergs in Instructional Services.

5) Decisions from meeting with Security (finals week, banned individuals, security desks)

Action: Gary Bland and Mark Marrow will serve as the point people for coordinating plans for fall finals week, including drafting the general schedule for shifts and volunteers. Mark will propose how to extend access to the Gardner study rooms during finals week.

Action: Imani Abalos and Jennifer Dorner will propose an awareness campaign emphasizing the Library's food and dring policy.

Action: Doe Library will remain open until midnight during finals week.

Action: DM Libraries can institute policies related to banning individuals from the Gardner Stacks and Moffitt Library (controlled access areass). No possibility of banning individuals from the main areas of Doe Library separate from the campus policies.

Action: Mark will coordinate the list of individuals from the general public banned from Gardner Stacks and Moffitt Library. He will distribute the list to Library Privileges, Doe Reference and Library Security.

Action: Gary and Mark will review current practices for staff who are reviewing IDs as people enter the Library through the Gardner Stacks portal and Moffitt Library entrance.

Action: Gary will begin to include DMAG on all email regarding reported incidents in Doe. Moffitt

Action: Imani, Gary, Mark and Miguel Labon will review the current Security Desk orientation training, operations manual, and performance review practices.

Action: Beth and Mike Rancer will work with Space Planning to move the Doe North security desk across the walkway to the side closest to Brown Gallery cases.

Action: Gary, Miguel and Mike will gather and share information about the supervision, staffing, and budget provided currently for the security desk staffing and supervision.

6) Implementing Chat Reference in Doe/Moffitt

Action: Jennifer asked that DMAG comment on the "Implementing Chat Reference in Doe/Moffitt" proposal, especially stakeholders, criteria for projects, and project objectives. Deadline - Friday, August 4.

7) NRLF - Deposit and Quotas

Action: Beth will meet with Bernie Hurley to discuss issues and solutions regarding shipments and meeting the allocation for the campus.