DMAG-April 92008

DMAG, April 9, 2008, Action Items

1. 225 Doe conversion from an office to a meeting space that will be more broadly available

Action: Dorner will take the lead working with One Workplace to place an order for a larger table and more chairs by the May 15 deadline. She will arrange to have the existing office furnishings relocated to Moffitt.

2. Planning for hiring/training new security/information desk positions

Action: All DMAG, Bland, Rancer and Labon will review the draft position descriptions and send comments to Marrow by April 20.

Action: Marrow and Bland will draft a training plan to present to DMAG in May.

Action: Dupuis and Rancer will continue discussing the management issue.

Action: DMAG and Security will finalize training and communication flows by June in preparation for the installation of the new north security desk this fall, keeping in mind the Doe Annex east entrance, any differences between the four security desk locations, and disregarding the security rover function.

3. Lost and Found Locations and Procedures

Action: Bland, Basso and Robinson Slouber will work together to transform 'Recommendations for Doe/Moffitt Lost and Found' (prepared by Basso and Robinson Slouber) into an implementation plan. They will take into consideration comments and suggestions that arose during today's discussion, and keep in mind that general procedures may need local modifications for specific locations.

DMAG favors the Doe South Security Desk as the designated the central lost and found location.

DMAG favors lost items acceptable to UCPD Lost and Found be turned over to UCPDLF every Monday.

DMAG favors CalNet IDs be sent same day (campus mail acceptable) to the CalNet 1 office.

DMAG favors implementation of an online log for recording and tracking items with shared access so staff from different locations could easily check on items.

DMAG favors staff taking responsibility for receiving lost and found items and for turning the items over to the central lost and found location.

Action: Dupuis will follow up with Systems about establishing a database populated by a simple staff web form for tracking items; authorization feature and auto time/date stamp required.

Action: DMAG to recommend a page owner for creating a public web page for lost and found policy which would include a contact number for the D/M central lost and found location.

4. Library Photos during 24 hour finals in Moffitt/Gardner Stacks

Action: Dupuis will notify Development staff that notification signs are not necessary or desirable.

5. Upcoming DMAG meetings

Action: Delete April 16 meeting due to NDI Retreat; delete April 30 (Beth away); keep April 23rd for next meeting.

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