DMAG-April 82009

DMAG Action Items April 8, 2009

1) Announcements and updates

Action: Dupuis and Marrow will follow up with E. Woods about NRLF delivery on weekends.

Action: DMAG will discuss modifications to DM services resulting from Saturday closure at April 22 DMAG meeting.

2) DM GA budget for FY10

Action: Dupuis will send out final 2009-2010 GA budget allocations.

Action: Urbanic and Dupuis will prepare training for supervisors who are working with new GA budget codes.

Action: In June/July, Dupuis will request BAIRS access for supervisors with GA budgets.

3) Moffitt Library Project updates

Action: Dupuis will clarify with T. Leonard that the issue of Moffitt collection loan rules being affected by ILS changes will be brought to the Academic Senate.

4) TechServices/DM future meeting topics

Action: Marrow will send to Cochran and Urbanic the questions he sent to N. Kobzina about temporary move of review shelves to Circ.

Action: Dupuis will follow up on this issue with N. Kobzina.

J. Dorner