DMAG-April 42007

1. C. Rubens will contact L. Grigsby-Standfill to find out if there is a detailed plan and time line for the CalMail implementation.

2. C. Rubens will continue to route around the document updating status of DM themes suggestions.

3. E. Dupuis will revise DMAG retreat notes and post them to the DM Wiki when the DM themes document with status statements are complete.

4. E. Dupuis will gather input from M. Marrow and J. Wright and get back to M. Labon about the stack access request for the "I'm Going to College Program."

5. E. Dupuis will convene an initial meeting about library hours for next semester, inviting M. Marrow, I. Abalos, M. Labon, and L. Foster.

6. E. Dupuis will invite G. Bland, M. Rancer, M. Labon, and B. Ogden to the 4/11 DMAG meeting to discuss practices related to finals week experience.

Meeting Schedule:

  • 4/18 2-3 only because of student appreciation party
  • 5/2 rescheduled to 4/30 2-4, E.Dupuis will look for a meeting place

S. McDaniel, 4/4