DMAG-April 222009

DMAG Action Items April 22, 2009

1. DM service changes in response to GA reduction. Action: Mark will cancel the Moffitt telephone renewal lines and move renewals to Main Circulation (beginning July 1)
Action: Mark will speak with Isabel regarding the possibility of adding to a future PSC agenda a discussion on having a central library-wide renewal line.

2. GA available for special projects through June
Action: Allan to send a spreadsheet of the 15832 org code GA expenditures.
Action: DMAG should send a list of special projects to be funded with extra GA funds to Beth by Friday, May 1
Action: Beth will speak with Lee Leighton about the possibility of cataloging 308t's

3. Bear Cage update
Action: Beth will update the "Medium Rare" committee on the status of the project.

4. Other updates and announcements
Action: Beth will speak with LHRD about adding DMAG to the student supervisors' listserv
Action: DMAG to let student supervisors know that graduating student employees can be rehired for 1 semester following graduation.