DMAG-April 182007

  1. Doe South Hallway Construction
    Action: Dupuis, Marrow and Rubens will draft an announcement concerning the South Hallway construction and changes to ILS and Circulation Services during that period.
  2. North Reading Room Poster on "How a Bill Becomes Law"
    Action: Abalos will consult with Jesse Silva about the purchase and placement of the poster.
  3. Doe/Moffitt Library Hours Posting
    Action: Dupuis, Abalos, and Marrow met with Lori Foster and Lisa Weber to discuss problems experienced with the current process for setting and posting library hours. Doe/Moffitt will explore setting a year's worth of hours spanning August 15, 2007 - August 14, 2008 in an effort to streamline the process, eliminate unnecessary work for staff, and provide better information for library users. DMAG will be working with all staff in Doe/Moffitt who set hours for service points and buildings to help create that overall template.
  4. Finals Week Experience
    Action: Dupuis will follow up with specific assignments to prepare for spring finals week.