DMAG-April 12009

DMAG April 1 Action Items

1) Announcements and updates

Action: Dupuis will follow up with S. Wong regarding questions about staff participation in START and information about possible furloughs.

2) Spring finals hours

Action: Dupuis will identify a coordinator for Spring Finals Week in Doe and Moffitt.

Action: Abalos and Marrow will meet to coordinate signage for finals week.

3) Concerns about homeless in Doe Library

Action: Dupuis will follow up with I. Stirling and E. Woods about safety and security regarding the homeless in Doe Library.

4) Millennium-related issues and updates

Action: Dupuis will work with Marrow and Dorner on a message to announce changes in loan periods for Moffitt Library.

Action: Marrow will meet with Abalos and A. Warren about loan periods for the Morrison Library Graphic Arts Loan Collection.

5) D/M Update

Action: D/M unit heads are to send corrections and additions for the D/M Update to Dupuis by Monday, April 6.

6) ClimateQual

Action: Dupuis will contact S. Wong for Library related results from the campus Diversity survey.

7) D/M & TS Meeting update

Action: Abalos will follow up with A. Barone regarding copy cataloging of Morrison Library materials.

M. Cochran