DMAG January 31 Action Items:

1) Recording DMAG Action Items

Action: DMAG action items will be recorded by DMAG members on a rotating basis, starting with Abalos followed by Cochran, Marrow, McDaniel, Rubens, and Urbanic. Dupuis will approve Action Items and they will be posted to the Doe/Moffitt Staff page.

2) 2007 Student Pay Rate Increase & Pilot Program

Action: Dupuis will arrange a meeting with LHRD and interested department heads to discuss specific options available under the current program, and to discuss the support units need from LHRD, and what LHRD is able to offer, as units transition to the new program.

3) Building Emergency Plan

Action: Abalos will report corrections to M. Labon, and request a final version.


Action: Dupuis will compile a list of questions in preparation for a future meeting with E. Woods.

Action: Dupuis will arrange the meeting time and location.

5) Topics for P. Payne

Action: Department Heads will survey staff and compile a list of those staff pcs that have not been upgraded to Windows XP, including pcs assigned to student workers.

Action: Abalos will follow up with P. Payne to see if he is available on 2/7, or a later date.

6) DM Public Service Statistics Task Force

Action: Rubens will identify an ILS representative.

Action: Dupuis will charge the group when she gets the ILS representative.

7) Safety and Security Committee

Action: Marrow will inform the committee that all Doe/Moffitt-specific safety and security concerns are to be referred directly to DMAG.

Action: Marrow will inform the committee that public access to Gardner Stacks for research activities is of high value and must be preserved.

8) Improve the Library Comments ('Suggestion Box' on the Library web) and Library Web Comments ('General Comments' on the Library web).

Action: Dupuis will convene a meeting including Marrow, Weber, Cullimore, Kupersmith, Foster and Abalos to discuss practices for reviewing and responding.

''' 9) Gardner Stacks Survey Task Force Charge'''

Action: Marrow will distribute a draft to DMAG for comment.

10) Doe/Moffitt Themes and Next Steps

Action: Dupuis will let Doe/Moffitt staff know that she is still accepting comments if they missed the original deadline.

Action: Dupuis will compile and distribute collated feedback from staff to DMAG for discussion.

11) Bound Newspapers - Approval Process for Deaccessioning Post In-house Filming

Action: Urbanic and Cochran will respond asap to Abalos regarding the five titles now under consideration.

Action: Urbanic and Cochran will recommend a principle to DMAG for handling future titles, perhaps after discussion at DMSelect.