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Task Force on Doe/Moffitt Web Subject Page Issues
'''Task Force on Doe/Moffitt Web Subject Page Issues'''
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Task Force on Doe/Moffitt Web Subject Page Issues

Background: Now that the current Doe/Moffitt subject web page configuration has been in practice for several years, a number of issues have risen which need revisiting. One of the most important issues is making Doe/Moffitt subject pages more visible to our users and thus more helpful. Another important issue is the lack of an efficient process for the quick maintenance of page features which require routine upkeep (e.g. New Acquisitions Lists).

Charge: The DMSelect Committee is asking the Task Force to examine ways which will:

#Promote better visibility of the Doe/Moffitt subject web pages
#Create processes that will make the updating of web pages more efficient.
#Improve the subject page template in order to make the information it contains more easily accessible. A standardized format for subject pages should be maintained.

The Task Force should regularly report their progress to DMSelect as well as ask its members for suggestions and assistance when needed. A report should be delivered to the Chairs of DMSelect by September 1, 2007.

Members of the Task Force:

Mari Miller\\
Claude Potts\\
Jim Ronningen\\
Tim Dennis (web updater, technical support)