ADMIRE March 6, 2007

1. Announcements

2. Doe/Moffitt Web Site & Stellant (Karen Munro)

3. History 7B - Feedback (Lynn Jones)

4. Reference requests related to MySpace / Similar web sites with privacy issues (J. Spohrer)

Action: Jesse will add logon and password information to the Electronic Resources: Passwords and Restrictions page for "DARTS: Depository Access to Reports, Technical & Scientific." Depository libraries are able to download, at no charge, the full-text electronic documents for which links are available, by way of this pilot project between GPO and NTIS.

Action: Karen will ensure web updaters have Dreamweaver version 8.0

Action: Lynn will ask Phoebe about linking from the History page to Hist 7B information aids.

Action: Imani will take the issue of how reference staff should respond to requests for information from MySpace about individuals, in view of privacy concerns/legal liability, to Public Services Council.

Action: Imani will send a note to the dmrefdsk reflector suggesting a Google search to identify free wifi access, contiguous to the campus, for those without a CalNet ID who need general access to the Internet (and social networking sites, such as MySpace to do their own research on individuals).

I. Abalos 3/6/07