ADMIRE-February 52008

ADMIRE Action Items & Meeting Minutes February 2, 2008

1. Abalos reported on status of Humanities & Social Sciences IM Chat reference. The recommendation of the implementation team is to continue the pilot through spring term as the amount of traffic they received during fall term was not sufficient to measure the pilot's success. Munro demonstrated how IM Chat can be integrated into bSpace.

Action: Abalos will research possibility of having larger chat icons on the Public PCs.

2. Jones reported on Ask a UC Librarian project. There have been discussions about that initiative joining with a nation-wide 24/7 virtual reference service. Another option would be to start a UC-wide chat reference service instead of virtual reference service. Not everyone who uses the virtual reference QuestionPoint software is happy with it and OCLC is responding by working on solutions.

3. Silva reported that Government IM chat reference has expanded. They have created a mini-consortium with a few other UC Libraries where everyone is contributing to the current hours. They are using Google Docs to post information about shared resources and key contact info and using Google Calendar to schedule the reference hours.

4. Munro reported on the Citation Helper tool in bSpace.

Submitted by J. Dorner