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'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
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'''Title:''' Sociometrics Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL)\\
'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
'''Resource Type:''' Statistics and Numeric Data\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Demography]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Public Health]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Sociology]]\\
'''Access:''' UCB\\
'''Brief description:''' A collection of more than 200 health and social science data sets covering a range of topics including AIDS, the disabled, the American family, aging, maternal drug use, child poverty, and alternative medicine. Also includes several teaching modules intended to demonstrate social science theories, concepts and hypothesis testing. [<b>Note:</b> click on &quot;proceed&quot; to enter database.]\\
'''Access Service or Vendor:''' Thomson Gale (InfoTrac)\\
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