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'''Title:''' STAT-USA\\
'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
'''Resource Type:''' Government Information Sources - Federal/US\\
'''Resource Type:''' Statistics and Numeric Data\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Agriculture and Resource Economics]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!City and Regional Planning]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Economics]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Business]]\\
'''Access:''' CDL\\
'''Text:''' Full text\\
'''Brief description:''' Consists of two sections: [[" target="(_)|State of the Nation]] (current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data from throughout the federal government and other related entities) and <a href="" target="(_)">GLOBUS and NTDB</a> (current and historical trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities and country analysis)\\
'''Full description:''' Service of the U.S Department of Commerce and the site for the U.S. business, economic and trade community.\\
'''Access Service or Vendor:''' STAT-USA\\
'''UC-eLinks:''' no\\
'''Selector contact:''' J. Silva (Tier 2)\\
'''Proxy:''' Yes\\
'''Record added:''' 2004-09-14\\
'''Record last modified:''' 2006-08-28\\
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