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Publisher's description: The aim of the political risk rating is to provide a means of assessing the political stability of the countries covered by ICRG on a comparable basis. This is done by assigning risk points to a pre-set group of factors, termed political risk components. The minimum number of points that can be assigned to each component is zero, while the maximum number of points depends on the fixed weight that component is given in the overall political risk assessment. In every case the lower the risk point total, the higher the risk, and the higher the risk point total the lower the risk. To ensure consistency, both between countries and over time, points are assigned by ICRG editors on the basis of a series of pre-set questions for each risk component.

*Government Stability
*Socioeconomic Conditions
*Investment Profile
*Internal Conflict
*External Conflict
*Military in Politics
*Religion in Politics
*Law and Order
*Ethnic Tensions
*Democratic Accountability
*Bureaucracy Quality
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