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'''Publisher:''' United Nations International Trade Center
'''Date:''' 1993-2009
'''Publisher:''' United Nations International Trade Center\\
'''Date:''' 1993-2009\\
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'''Publisher:''' United Nations International Trade Center
'''Date:''' 1993-2009
'''Workstation:''' [[!Public 1]]

!! About

PC-TAS is a CD-ROM of international trade statistics developed to
analyze international trade flows, assess the export performance of
countries, or identify new sources of supply. It also serves as an aid
towards the development of national trade strategies and the
monitoring of national trade performance on major world markets.
PC-TAS allows the assessment of trends, market shares, and the role of
competing countries in major markets through direct reporting or
mirror statistics. The data is subset from the UN Comtrade
<> using a cut-off of
US$50,000 for inclusion of trade records, and does not have records
for the intermediate commodity levels (2- and 3-digit level of SITC
and 4-digit of HS). The library has both the HS and SITC commodity
classification versions.

!! Categories

[[!World Trade]] [[!Imports]] [[!Exports]] [[!Merchandise]] [[!Trade Market]] [[!Research Commodities]]