Internet Movie Database

Title: Internet Movie Database
Alternate title: IMDB
Resource Type: Statistics and Numeric Data
Resource Type: Library Catalogs and Publication Lists
Resource Type: Dictionaries, Thesauri and Quotations
Resource Type: Encyclopedias and Almanacs
Resource Type: Biographical Sources
Subject: Film Studies
Subject: Theater and Performance Studies
Subject: Mass Communications
Access: Unrestricted
Brief description: A database of more than 120,000 movies. Includes biographical records (including complete filmographies) for close to 200,000 individuals involved in international film and television industries. The <b>Glossary</b> includes definitions of terms and phrases frequently used in the world of movies, film, acting, and cinema-going. The <b><a href="" target="(_)"> Box Office Summary</a></b> lists the weekly summary of top-grossing US films and also includes a year-to-date archive of top-grossing US films and listings of top-grossing international films. The database also provides links to <b><a href="" target="(_)"> Top-Grossing Rentals</a></b>.
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