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'''Title:''' ISI Emerging Markets\\
'''URL:''' [[|]]\\
'''Resource Type:''' Statistics and Numeric Data\\
'''Resource Type:''' News Databases\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Business]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Economics]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Slavic and East European Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!South Asian Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Southeast Asian Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Development Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!East Asian Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Near Eastern Studies - Islamica]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Chinese Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Latin American Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Agriculture and Resource Economics]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!African Studies]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Political Science]]\\
'''Subject:''' [[!Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies]]\\
'''Access:''' UCB\\
'''Text:''' Full text\\
'''Brief description:''' Indexes over 4400 publications direct from more than 35 emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Features news articles, company data, financial statements, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information.\\
'''Access Service or Vendor:''' Internet Securities\\
'''UC-eLinks:''' no\\
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'''Proxy:''' N/A\\
'''Record added:''' 2004-09-14\\
'''Record last modified:''' 2004-12-03\\
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