URL: http://faostat.fao.org/
Resource Type: Statistics and Numeric Data
Resource Type: Government Information Sources - Foreign/International
Subject: Agriculture and Resource Economics
Access: UCB
Brief description:Provides international time series data on food production, agricultural trade, forest products, and fisheries from the FAO. The free version of the database allows for limited downloads of up to 4000 records. For unlimited and "bulk" downloads a userid and password are required. Ask at any reference desk for assistance. For assistance contact Jim Church, international documents librarian.
Access Service or Vendor: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
Licensing restriction: Available from specific workstations in the Library.
UC-eLinks: no
Selector contact: J.Church
Proxy: No
Record added: 2005-11-22
Record last modified: 2007-01-26
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