Energy Statistics Database

Publisher: United Nations Statistics Division
Date: 1950-2008
Workstation: Public 1


The Energy Statistics Database contains basic statistics for more than 215 countries/territories, providing time series for the period 1950-2008. Data from 1990 to the most current available are on-line through the UNdata portal <>. It provides statistics on production, trade, transformation and consumption (end-use) for primary and secondary, conventional, non-conventional and new and renewable sources of energy, as well as population estimates. The database contains data in their original units (e.g. metric tonnes, GWh) and also calorific values to allow interfuel comparison in a common energy unit (terajoules). Sources of information for the database include national, regional and international statistical publications - including, but not limited to publications from: the International Energy Agency (IEA), the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Organización Latinoamericana de Energía (OLADE), etc.

Variable Descriptions

  • Gross production
  • Production from off-shore
  • Production from refineries
  • Production from plants
  • Production Public
  • Production from geothermal sources
  • Production from thermal power plants
  • Production from pure heating plants
  • Production from nuclear power plants
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Changes in stocks
  • Net transfers
  • Transfers in
  • Transfers out
  • Consumption by energy sector
  • Consumption by other energy producers
  • Conversion, transport & distribution losses
  • Consumption by industry & construction
  • Consumption by iron and steel industry
  • Consumption by chemical industry
  • Consumption by other industries and construction
  • Consumption by transportation industry
  • Consumption by Road
  • Consumption by Rail
  • Consumption by Air
  • Consumption by Inland and coastal waterways
  • Consumption by other transportation
  • Consumption by households and other consumers
  • Consumption by Households
  • Consumption by Agriculture
  • Refinery capacity
  • Natural gas liquids (NGL) plant capacity
  • Total Capacity: public and self-producer sectors
  • Nuclear, total
  • Nuclear, public
  • Nuclear, self-producer
  • Hydro, total
  • Hydro, public
  • Geothermal, total
  • Geothermal, public
  • Geothermal, self-producer
  • Thermal, total (Combustible Fuels)
  • Thermal, public (Combustible Fuels)
  • Thermal, self-producer
  • Wind, total
  • Wind, public
  • Wind, self-producer
  • Solar, total
  • Solar, public
  • Solar, self-producer
  • Tide, wave, total
  • Tide, wave, public
  • Tide, wave, self-producer
  • Total resources in place
  • Total known resources
  • Total known resources, Recoverable
  • Total known resources, Not economically recoverable
  • Reserves of potential recoverable oil, Total
  • Reserves from crude petroleum
  • Reserves from oil shale and tar sands
  • Reserves from oil shale
  • Reserves from tar sands
  • Total resources of gases
  • Reserves of nuclear resources, Total
  • Reserves of nuclear resources, Reasonably assured
  • Reserves of nuclear resources, Estimated additional
  • Total hydraulic resources
  • Total capacity, public
  • Total capacity, self-producer
  • Production, public total
  • Gross inland availability
  • Gross refinery output


Energy, Electricity Consumption, Production, Export Import, Nuclear, Thermal, Renewable, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Refineries, Power Plants, Oil Reserves, Natural Gas